La Luna Holy Goat - 110g


Holy Goat La Luna is synonymous for being one of Australia’s greatest dairy products. Produced by Carla Meurs and Ann-Marie Monda using organically certified goatherds that have free-range access to a rich variety of native grasses, herbs & shrubs. This produces a sweet, high quality milk and cheese with unique complexity and depth.

Holy Goat cheese is produced to capture the delicacy of goats’ milk. The cheese production is based on a slow lactic acid fermentation of the milk to produce delicate soft curds. This soft ripened Chèvre has a creamy, smooth texture with a natural wrinkly rind. Its flavour has citrus notes and hints of fresh hay, which develop as the cheese ages.

This Chèvre looks beautiful on a cheese board and is the perfect addition to a picnic hamper. Pair with a crisp white wine.

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