Nduja (en-doo-ya) by De Palma - 1 Piece


Nduja is a soft, spreadable and spicy salami originating from Calabria in Southern Italy. De Palma's spicy mix is a blend of Free Range pork fat, salt, herbs & spices and ghost Chilli pepper. This mix is then filled into natural casings and left to slowly and naturally cure.

This is truely addictive stuff!

Nduja is incredible when tossed through hot pasta, spread over crusty bread, added as a pizza topping or used to add an incredible amount of flavour when cooking soups and slow braises.

In order to maximise the flavour and aroma of any cured product, we suggest you serve the product at room temperature, or about 21ºC.

Please store this product refrigerated between zero and 4 Degrees Celsius. Once opened please consume within 14 days.

Continue to store this product in it's natural casing. Any excess casing can be used to seal the product and prolong shelf life.

Your product has been vacuum sealed and can be safely stored refrigerated.

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