Lamb Barnsley Chop Free Range Dry Aged - 300g 2 x Pieces


The best of the British... 

The Barnsley chop’s creation is accredited to Barnsley Master Butcher, Albert Hirst. He wanted to create a special dish to be served to H.R.H. Edward, Prince of Wales, when he came to officially open Barnsley Town Hall on the 14th December 1933.

Barnsley Chop, also known as a saddle chop or double loin chop, is cut from the entire short loin or saddle.  These delicious double loin chops have the spine bone running through them and an excellent layer of beautiful white fat running around the outside. That said, fat is critical in helping this lean meat baste as it cooks and it also provides key omega-3s.

Expertly aged in our purpose-built dry-aging rooms (which is Australia's only licensed dry-aging facility for Lamb) for an optimum 10-12 days, and sourced from pastured lamb from the Riverina area of New South Wales.  This cut is unctuous and delicious and offers an excellent contrast to the eye of the loin and the tenderloin. 

Breakout River Lambs are raised along the banks of the Lachlan River in Cowra, New South Wales. This region is classed as one of the most fertile valleys in the world. Lambs produced in Cowra have a reputation for being the best lambs in Australia. 

With over 35 years’ experience in the Austalian lamb meat industry, Chris Cummings heads Breakout River. His expertise in overseeing a rigid and selective breeding program combined with the ideal pastures these Lambs are conditioned on, make Cowra Lamb second to none. 

The Barnsley Chop is suited for grilling and barbecuing, but also great for slow cooking. This cut is perfect for the classic Lancashire hotpot.

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Each piece feeds 1 person.

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