Beef T-Bone Steak 400g x 2 Pieces


You can't go past this much admired and iconic T-Bone. Consisting of the tenderloin and sirloin attached together on the bone gives you contrast in tenderness and flavour. Our T-Bone Steak is perfect for grilling and a must-have for any steak lover!

This beef is derived from grass-fed cattle that are given access to grain.

Let the steak come to room temperature.
Season with a good amount of good quality sea salt, (we recommend Tasman Natural Sea salt flakes), to draw all blood and moisture to the surface. Let the steak sit for another 15 minutes before cooking.
In order to achieve the optimum black 'n' blue result all crunchy and carbonised on the outside and still rare in the middle, cook each side for a good six minutes. Rest your steak adequately, we recommend at least 50% of its cook time.

Serve the traditional way, with few distractions, such as a fresh leafy green salad or simple tomato salad.

2 pieces x 400g each

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