Coral Trout Line Caught Mid-cut Fillet Queensland 160 - 180g x 1 Piece


Coral trout is one of the most highly regarded table fish. As a result of only fishing in depths greater than 50 meters, the trout caught are always a very deep 'coral' red colour. It is important to note that most coral trout caught commercially in QLD is exported live overseas. We are very pleased to be able to offer this very special product for you to enjoy at home.

Using the well regarded Ike-jime kill method reduces the level of adrenaline in fish when caught. Adrenaline can shorten the shelf life of fresh seafood regardless of how well they are handled. The Ike-jime method instantly paralyses the fish causing immediate death in the most humane possible way.

Each piece of this incredible fish is cut to order each day and cut dry without the use of Freshwater which dilutes the flavour of fish.

Feeds 1.

  • All our seafood is sourced from accredited, reputable and sustainable fisheries
  • This product is 100% Australian
  • All portions are cut from the mid-loin portion of the fish to ensure thick, even and consistently sized portions
  • All portions are cut DRY without the use of freshwater which dilutes the natural flavour of the fish 
  • The product has been expertly sourced, cut and packaged


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