Fullblood Wagyu (Karubi Plate) Shabu Shabu Marbling Score 9+ Stone Axe - 500g


Introducing the mysterious and elusive Fullblood Wagyu Karubi Plate, presented in a way you've never seen before. This cut is renowned for its unique flavour profile and heavily marbled texture.

Derived from the flank section of the carcass, the Karubi Plate offers an exceptional ratio of meat and fat, showcasing fine and evenly dispersed marbling throughout. We have expertly sliced this Karubi Plate at 2 mm.

Enhance your next Hot Pot experience or incorporate them into stir-fry dishes or any meal that requires quick and hot cooking. This cut can be a brilliant alternative to bacon when flash-fried, offering the same decadent and uniquely satisfying result. Wagyu Beef Bacon - yum!

Feeds 3 - 4

Stone Axe Fullblood Wagyu breeding herds are dispersed across several breeding farms in New South Wales and Victoria, all of which are managed by Stone Axe’s own staff. Each property is situated 1000m above sea level, resulting in a climate that enhances conditions for the breeding and raising of Fullblood Wagyu.

The cattle can grow and mature to their potential with access to natural shelter, clean fresh air, water and pasture, all in a low stress environment. Every Stone Axe Wagyu animal has its own unique identification tag, allowing for careful monitoring of each animal’s development, and traceability across the whole life of the product.

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