Truffle in a Jar


To celebrate the harvest of this year’s winter Truffle, we present to you - Truffle in a Jar. A beautiful Black truffle (tuber melanosporum) has been packaged with the finest Italian Carnaroli rice, giving you two beautiful truffle products in one.

Hailed as the “king” or the “caviar” of Italian rice, Carnaroli is the best, highest quality Italian rice. This rice has a super fine grain that creates a more ‘al dente’ risotto. This is the professional’s choice for its high percentage of amylose, low stickiness, excellent resistance to cooking and good absorption capacity. This rice has been infused with the intoxicating earthy, and musky complexity of an exceptional, Extra Class * Périgord truffle from Manjimup Western Australia.

Extra Class Truffles feature perfect shape, texture, and smell, these are the highest grade in truffle product class. Your truffle will have a small nick (<10%) to show the propensity of Marbling in your Truffle (a sign of the quality and maturity of the truffle).

You will receive:

1 x Whole Manjimup WA Extra Class Black Truffle (60 - 65g each)

400g Italian Carnaroli Rice (serves 4 people)

  • To ensure the quality of the truffle you receive, Manjimup work according to the stringent grading standards set by the United Nations (UNECE STANDARD FFV-53).

Rich loam soils, a pristine environment and plentiful rainfall make the Southern Forests of Manjimup, Western Australia a special place for black truffles, the largest producer in the Southern Hemisphere. It has perfect conditions for truffles, the richness of the soils and the cool climate here are ideally suited to growing premium black truffles. 

Cooking with truffle does not have to be complicated. There is a myriad of ways to introduce the extraordinary flavour and aroma of truffle into dishes. This wildly adaptive flavour enhancer can be used to infuse soft cheeses, eggs, rice or even honey. Shave it on top of scrambled eggs, pimp your Mac & Cheese up, mash it into potatoes or make it rain over buttered toast. Truffle does not have to be reserved for fancy occasions.

Truffles are at their best consumed within 14 days so keep this in mind when planning how you will use your truffle purchase.

We recommend being generous, so account for 5-10g per person, per dish.

Keep your truffle in the jar refrigerated. You can continue to use and store your truffle in the jar allowing it to infuse the rice over time.

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