Wagyu Eye Fillet (Whole) Marbling Score 6 - 7 Aura

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Raised on a single farm on the South Island of New Zealand, this exceptional Wagyu beef grazes on pasture for most of its life and is finished on a locally sourced ration for a minimum of 300 days. B Corp Certified, this responsibly and ethically raised beef exhibits unparalleled tenderness and flavour.

The tenderloin, also known as eye fillet or filet mignon, represents the most tender cut of the animal. With its soft and buttery texture, this tenderloin offers an exquisite balance between lean meat and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness.

You can roast the tenderloin whole by folding the narrow tail end up with the rest of the fillet and tying it in place, or simply portion it into filet mignon steak.

Feeds 8 - 12 people

This product requires further trimming of the silverskin to guarantee a melt in your mouth experience.

Silverskin is the thin membrane of connective tissue found on various meats, including Eye Fillet or Tenderloin. Unlike other connective tissue – like collagen, which slowly dissolves during the cooking process – silverskin does not break down. When left attached to meat, it will cook up tough and chewy which is why it is essential to cut this membrane away prior to cooking.

Follow these simple tips when removing silverskin:

Always use a sharp knife when trimming meat.

Slip the tip of the knife under the silverskin, working it between the meat and the skin until you can grip a loose flap of skin (use a paper towel to get a better grip).

Continue to run the knife along the meat pulling the silverskin back gradually away from the meat.

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