Chaco Bar x Vic's Meat Yakitori Kit


Chaco Bar is the benchmark for Yakitori dining in Australia, and we are bringing this authentic experience right to your door - introducing Chaco Ramen x Vic's Meat Yakitori Kit.

We have expertly curated a selection of the finest produce available in Australia, deftly prepared by the incredible team at Chaco Bar.  This complete meal kit contains 7 varieties of Skewers and condiments, all you need to do is light up the BBQ or stovetop.

This kit includes:

2 x pieces Stone Axe Fullblood Wagyu Denver Steak Marbling Score 9 + Yakitori - selected for its exceptional Marbling qualities, tenderness and beefy flavour

2 x pieces Kinross Rare Breed Hampshire Down Lamb Rump Yakitori - selected for its outstanding melt in your mouth texture and juiciness

2 x pieces Borrowdale Free Range Pork Belly Yakitori - 100% Australian raised Pork, sourced from family farmers and raised in a stress free environment

2 x pieces Corn Fed Chicken Thigh Yakitori

2 x pieces Tsukune (Chicken & Pork Meatball with soft bone cartilage)

2 x pieces Mushroom Kushiyaki

2 x pieces Zucchini* Kushiyaki

4 x pieces Yaki-onigiri (Grilled rice balls)

Salad* (Cabbage, Cos & Radicchio)

Condiments (Teriyaki Sauce, Yuzu mayonnaise, Ponzu dressing & House Shichimi)

This Kit feeds 2- 3 people.


* Please note vegetable options may change due to seasonal availability.


Available for delivery: Wednesday 22nd September (metro), Thursday 23rd September (metro & regional) & Friday 24th September (metro & regional)

The approach to grilling your Yakitori should be gentle. 

Binchotan is prized more for the evenness of its heat than its intensity, and many yakitori chefs regard serious char as a fault. Take your time when grilling your Yakitori and cook to preferred doneness.

Your kit has been prepared with the utmost care and attention to detail. We recommend that you consume this kit on the day you receive your delivery or day after.  

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