Chaco Ramen x Vic's Meat Miyazaki Japanese A5 Wagyu Ramen

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Miyazaki Wagyu is the most prestigious purebred wagyu brand in the world, revered for its pure lineage and unforgettable flavour. Miyazaki Wagyu is purebred, black Wagyu cattle that is born, raised and fed in the Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan. Renowned for its unrivalled quality, Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu Beef is the ultimate beef experience. We are very proud to offer you this limited edition Ramen featuring this incredible and rare Wagyu Beef.

Beautifully prepared by the team at Chaco Ramen, this luxurious A5 Wagyu Ramen is the first of its kind in Australia. The elegant and clear Chicken based broth (no Pork), allows the A5 Wagyu Beef to shine. Thinly sliced and heavily marbled Wagyu will melt like butter in the heated broth. Served alongside julienned baby leek, Chaco Ramen’s legendary toothsome noodles and house-made shallot and ginger oil. This Ramen is for the avid lovers of Wagyu and will be unlike any food experience you have had this year.

Servings per pack: 2

Available for delivery from Thursday 2nd December.

Scan the QR code on the pack for re-heating instructions.

Contains: Wheat & Soy.

May contain: Egg, sesame oil

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