Borrowdale Free Range Pork Rack Rind On 1.5 - 1.7kg


Borrowdale Pork delivers a modern take on traditionally farmed pork of yesteryear, bringing the highest standards of ethical pork production. Expertly prepared by our butchers, this Borrowdale Free Range Pork Rack is prepared ready for roasting, leaving the skin on for that all-important crispy crackling.

This cut has got it all. The bone and fat layer provide incredible flavour; the meat is tender; and there is plenty of delicious skin making Pork Rack the perfect Pork Roast. When cooked perfectly, this loin will deliver you the most incredible crispy, crunchy crackling and soft, succulent meat. For best results rub your loin pork liberally with coarse, natural sea salt at least one hour before cooking. 

Feeds 5 - 6 people

Photography by Alan Benson from MEAT The Ultimate Companion. Published by Murdoch Books 2019.

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