Lamb Riblets Marinated in Honey, Mint & Rosemary - 1.0kg

$20 $25

These Lamb Riblets are taken from the front of the rib cage as it extends down from the Rack and is considered a butchers treat! The Lamb Riblet can be roasted until sticky and delicious or alternatively cooked over the BBQ for that finger-licking result.

We have pre-marinated these Riblets in Honey, Mint and Rosemary and the result will be succulent, juicy & delicious! 

Will comfortably feed 2 people.

This product has been packaged using Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).  MAP involves controlling or modifying the atmosphere surrounding a product within a package to provide optimal conditions for increasing shelf life and reducing oxidation and spoilage of perishable foods.

During this process, a harmless gas is used to displace ambient oxygen.  This is done to decrease the amount of oxygen inside the package, which will in turn decrease the rate of spoilage, as oxygen is one of the top killers of freshness.

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