'You hold the right book in your hands. Learning from it will be delicious.'

Anthony Bourdain

Meat: The Ultimate Companion is designed to walk you through the topic from the eyes of the farmer, the butcher and the best cooks to help you with the questions you might want to ask before you buy your meat. Carefully curated by Anthony Puharich, legendary butcher and supplier to Australia's leading restaurants, together with accomplished food writer Libby Travers, this comprehensive and ambitious project covers the history of every major animal we raise for meat, international breed maps, cut diagrams and descriptions, as well as illustrated butchery techniques and expert tips on selecting, storing and cooking all kinds of meat.

Over 110 recipes showcase the major cuts and draw on cuisines and chefs from around the world.

Lavishly photographed and illustrated, it is sure to become a modern classic and a requirement for every kitchen.


the Authors

Anthony Puharich is a fifth-generation butcher and co-owner of Victor Churchill, the “Bulgari of butcheries,” in Sydney, Australia.

Libby Travers is a food writer, commentator, and communications consultant, and an advocate for sustainably produced food and wine.

Chef, author, and raconteur Anthony Bourdain (1956–2018) was the host of Parts Unknown on CNN and the author of numerous books including Kitchen Confidential and Appetites. When Bourdain visited Victor Churchill on Parts Unknown, he called it “the most beautiful butcher shop in the world.”

MEAT: The Ultimate Companion

Classic Edition

Featuring butcher stripes on the cover, a nod to the history of the profession.

MEAT: The Ultimate Companion

Collector's Edition

Signed by Anthony Puharich. Limited to 500 copies, bound in kangaroo hide.


The Ultimate Companion to Meat

On the Farm, At the Butcher, In the Kitchen

Meat is the centerpiece of celebratory meals and everyday dinners. The quality of the meat—be it beef, lamb, chicken, pork, or even wild game like venison and rabbit—and the way it is prepared has never been so thoroughly important as in today’s world. Fifth- generation butcher Anthony Puharich believes that sustainably raised meat can and should remain the pinnacle of the kitchen: a special and wonderful treat, handled with care by the best farmers and butchers and eaten with respect. In The Ultimate Companion to Meat, he reveals how to make enjoying meat a sublime experience, with more than 100 recipes.

Chapters include Birds, Sheep, Pigs, Cattle, and Wild. There is information about breeds, their history, and what they eat and how it affects the taste, as well as what happens on the farm, at the butcher, and finally, in the kitchen. There’s a chapter on technique, including cooking methods and basic butchery. Hundreds of illustrations, diagrams, and stunning photographs make this truly the ultimate guide for anyone who is serious about meat.

Carne el libro definitivo.png

Carne: El libro definitivo

En la Granja, En la carniceria, En la cocina

Todo lo que necesitas saber para seleccionar, comprar y cocinar carne.

En una época en que cada vez más personas prefieren consumir carne de forma consciente y sostenible, esta obra de referencia nos presenta información valiosa para resolver todas las dudas antes de comprarla. De la mano de granjeros, carniceros o de algunos de los mejores cocineros, seremos capaces de saber cómo comer menos carne y de la mejor calidad.

Con consejos de expertos para elegir, conservar y cocinar todos los tipos de carne, la obra ofrece más de 110 recetas inspiradas en las tradiciones culinarias del mundo entero. Magníficamente ilustrado, este libro está llamado a convertirse en un clásico y en una herramienta indispensable en la cocina.