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We carry the widest variety and best quality cured meat in Australia; from standard breakfast bacons through to our exclusive Fullblood Blackmore Wagyu Beef Bresaola and rare breed pork Ventricina. Our cured meat range is suited to all types of menus.

Our Vic's Premium Quality Meat house brand is hand crafted for us by the De Palma family, who combine our high quality, fresh meat with their traditional Italian curing techniques. De Palma Salumi are the only cured meat producers in Australia who use slow curing and slow fermentation which results in an incredible flavour and a smooth, silky finish. 

You can also access French Charcuterie made by Victor Churchill - the world's best butcher shop.


4-10 Merchant Street
Mascot, NSW 2020

T: +61 2 9317 6900

E: info@vicsmeat.com.au


Unit 2, 3-5 Weddel Court

Laverton North, VIC 3026

T: +61 3 9368 9368

E: victoria@vicsmeat.com.au