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Dry Ageing

The dry ageing process at Vic’s Premium Quality Meat Melbourne occurs over 4 weeks. We take great pride in providing the absolute best quality and finest tasting dry aged beef in the country.


Our state-of-the-art dry ageing facility is consistently monitored for optimum temperature, humidity, ultraviolet exposure and airflow to ensure the perfect conditions for ageing meat. We are PrimeSafe approved to age beef and are one of the only meat suppliers in Victoria to be accredited.


There has been significant adjustment to the guidelines that govern the production of Dry Age Beef within Victoria by the State Government’s food safety body, PrimeSafe and Vic’s Premium Quality Meat meets and exceeds all guidelines and standards. These changes have a strong focus on the ageing room, our ageing process, HACCP and microbiological testing.


Vic’s Premium Quality Meat has always performed at the highest level and auditing by PrimeSafe of our processes has further established us as industry leaders.