Grain Fed Beef

Consistent. creamy. tender.

The world's most sought-after Grain Fed Beef, Rangers Valley Beef, is exclusive to Vic's Premium Quality Meat. Farmed in the NSW New England Tablelands, the cattle are reared under world class animal welfare practices and spend the majority of their lives on lush pasture before being slowly introduced to a specially designed diet of grains, grown exclusive for livestock.  


We only work with Australian Grain Fed Beef farmers whose approach to quality reflects our own. Animal care and land management is a priority for our farmer partners and this long-term commitment to nurture not only their cattle but to protect the environment and native animals surrounding the feedlot results in a far superior, consistent and sustainably farmed product.

We supply long-, mid- and short-fed Grain Fed Beef options, and cater for all menu types and plate costs.


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