The Vic’s Meat NSW factory is one of the most state of the art meat cutting, packing and distribution facilities in the world. A combination of a traditional, old-fashion approach to butchery and game changing technology, provides an unrivalled solution to yield, accuracy and presentation.

The technology within our production factory has been globally sourced. The use of RFID tags provides that all products are tracked from farm to plate. A level of transparency that our industry has never offered, bringing our valued customers complete peace of mind, knowing that what you order and pay for, is what you receive.

We deliver across Sydney 6 days a week. 


4-10 Merchant Street
Mascot, NSW 2020

T: +61 2 9317 6900

E: info@vicsmeat.com.au


Unit 2, 3-5 Weddel Court

Laverton North, VIC 3026

T: +61 3 9368 9368

E: victoria@vicsmeat.com.au