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Sourced from the best Australian farmers, our fresh pork range includes rare and heritage breeds, certified free range, quality assured (APIQ) pork, suckling pigs and more.

​Our Premium Kurobuta Pork combines an ancient, rare breed with traditional farming practices. The highly marbled, sweet and delicately flavoured pork is the result of a unique and regenerative existence at Byron Bay, New South Wales. The unrivalled level of juiciness and tenderness affords our Kurobuta Pork its prestigious reputation.


​Our certified, free range pork includes the acclaimed Borrowdale Pork from South East Queensland. On this single origin farm, the pigs are free to play, sunbath, explore and forage, resulting in a superior flavour of pork from a bygone era.

Our Melbourne customers can enjoy Millbrook Free Range Pork, where the pigs also live in harmony with nature.

We only partner with farmers who can demonstrate high standards of animal welfare and environmental concern, and that can consistently produce a premium quality product. Our range of pork caters to all venues and menus.