Anchovies Conservas Angelachu 115g


Conservas Angelachu Anchovies are considered the best in the world.

The anchovies are from the Cantabrian Sea, off the northern coast of Spain and are captured during the height of spring. The harvest and production take place exclusively in Cantabria. These anchovies meet all standards and requirements necessary to bear CC Quality Controlled Seal for 'Cantabrian Anchovies'.

The production process is entirely hands on and begins with salting, eviscerating and packing the fish into barrels. The process from start to finish is performed by true artisans, operating with delicate skilled hands and the utmost care. 

Once they have reached the optimum period of maturation, the next phase commences: hand-scrubbing, which involves gently and carefully removing the skin of each fish, as they are removed from the salt one by one. This salt process conserves the properties and characteristics of the fresh fish in their entirety.

The anchovies are then cut, washed in cold water, and drained. The final phase of the process involves the masterful filleting and packing the fish in olive oil.

Best served simply, either with fresh crunchy bread and butter; or take it to the next level with pickled Spanish onion and finely diced chives on the side, for a show-stopping starter.

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