Bacon-wrapped Filet Mignon - 220g x 2 Pieces


We have re-invigorated this retro steakhouse classic for you to enjoy at home. Super tender Grass Fed filet mignon wrapped in strips of smokey Rare Breed Kurobuta Streaky Bacon – an irresistible combination.

Perfect for the grill or cooked in a heavy base pan, these expertly trimmed filet mignon have been carefully wrapped with our greatest ever pork product – Kurobuta Pork x LP’s Quality Meats Smoked Bacon. As the steak and bacon cook, the delicious juices from the bacon baste the steak to keep it moist and create an extra-savoury flavour.

These supremely tender Filet Mignon have been prepared using grass fed beef from New Zealand. These animals are raised year-round on pasture to wander and graze freely, resulting in full-flavoured, naturally lean and nutritious beef.

A cotton tie has been used to secure the bacon in place. Please remove prior to serving.

Your product has been packaged using the latest and most advanced packaging technology.

Vacuum skin packaging (VSP) packs enclose product like a second skin. VSP extends the shelf life of product due to the absence of oxygen which causes food to deteriorate rapidly and constrains product purge eliminating yield loss in food.

Product packaged using VSP technology can safely be stored refrigerated and frozen.

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