Tasman Natural Sea Salt Flakes with Wakame Seaweed - 80g


100% Pure Tasmanian Sea Salt Flakes

The seas around Tasmania are some of the cleanest and most nutrient rich waters in the world. Tasman sea salt flakes retain all the trace minerals and nutrients found in these pristine waters, giving it not only it an incredible depth of flavour, but also enhancing the health benefits of the salt.

This great flavour also means you need to use less Tasman Sea Salt on your food to get the same salty hit as you would get with other salts. 

For an added nutritional burst, choose the Tasman Sea Salt with locally foraged Wakame Seaweed to season your food. Packed full of sea minerals and nutrients, this superfood blend gives a delicious umami flavour while also being an excellent source of iodine, magnesium, calcium, iron and vitamins. 

Tasman Sea Salt has created an exceptionally efficient and environmentally friendly production process that utilises age old salt making traditions alongside innovative new clean energy technologies to produce its sea salt flakes. The sea water on the east coast of Tasmania - from which Tasman Sea Salt is harvested - is of the highest quality, meaning that they do not need to clean or rinse the salt in the production process. 

We would recommend you use only the cleanest and purist sea salt to season your delicious meat purchases. Delicious with meat and seafood alike, or sprinkled on vegetables and Fries for added flavour. 

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