Culatello De Palma Sliced - 200g

  • Australian Pork

Known as the King of cured meats, Culatello combines the luscious marbling of free-range Pork with traditional hand crafting and slow ageing to create a spectacularly tender, creamy and sweet cured meat.

Where prosciutto is made from the whole leg, Culatello is produced using the rear muscle of the thigh only. To obtain the Culatello you must effectively ‘disassemble’ the leg of the pig, in essence destroying its potential use for the already valuable Prosciutto.  This is the pinnacle of Italian artisan salumi.  

This Culatello is perfect for antipasto platters, or even consumed on its own with some crusty bread. 

In order to maximise the flavour and aroma of any cured product, we suggest you serve the product at room temperature, or about 21ºC.

Pork, Salt, Herbs, Spices

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