Hummus by Victor Churchill - 250g


One of the most beloved dishes in the Eastern parts of the Mediterranean, Hummus gets its name from the Arabic word for “chickpea”, and traditionally contains chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and garlic. 

Hummus may be simple, but it does not necessarily mean it is easy to recreate.  Victor Churchill's version of this classic and ancient dip uses only the finest ingredients available.  Kabuli Chickpeas, chosen for their large size and colour, are soaked for a minimum of 24 hours.  The Chickpeas are then peeled to make an even creamier hummus and seasoned ever so gradually with Tahini (sesame paste), fresh lemon juice, garlic, and salt.

Hummus is ideal dipping material, but it can also be dressed up into a proper meal and pairs beautifully with Quail & Chicken.  It can also be used to thicken and add creaminess to salad dressings or used as a healthy alternative to mayonnaise in your next burger or club sandwich.

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