Lamb Scotch Fillet Sliced Rare Breed Hampshire Down Kinross Station - 500g


With outstanding melt in your mouth texture and juiciness, Kinross Rare Breed Hampshire Down Lamb has a surprisingly lighter flavour, without that heavy Lamb taste. All Kinross Lamb is graded objectively for Marbling and tenderness, guaranteeing you a consistently tender and tasty experience.

Expertly sliced at 2mm for that melt-in-your-mouth experience, these beautifully marbled slices of lamb Scotch perfectly highlight the flavour of this undiluted breed.

500g feeds 3- 4 people.

Located on the clean & lush banks of Billabong Creek at Holbrook in Southern New South Wales, Kinross Station is home to one of the world’s largest and rarest sheep flocks - the Hampshire Downs. Run by Tom Bull and his family, these flocks are lovingly tendered by three generations of the Bull family.

Hampshire Down is a rare breed of sheep that is renowned for being Australia’s highest ranked for marbling and tenderness. From breeding to the feeding, the Kinross Station Hampshire Down team put great effort in producing a premium lamb product.

These Lambs freely roam on natural pastures with access to supplementary feed such as hay, barley, and lupins which enhance the flavour of this special Lamb product. These Lambs are also free of hormones, antibiotics and can be traced by DNA back to each sire line to verify pedigree, ensuring full product integrity.

This cut has been prepared for Shabu Shabu & Sukiyaki which is a Japanese hot pot dish cooked like a soup with sliced meat and vegetables. 

Fresh, raw ingredients are assembled at the table, then submerged briefly in broth by each diner. Cook the thin Kinross Lamb slices individually rather than all at once, enjoying it over the course of the meal much like a fondue. 

After removing the pork from the pot, dip into your chosen sauce. The onomatopoeic name refers to the ‘swish, swish’ sound the meat makes as it is swished around in the broth with chopsticks. 

This product has been packaged using Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).  MAP involves controlling or modifying the atmosphere surrounding a product within a package to provide optimal conditions for increasing shelf life and reducing oxidation and spoilage of perishable foods.

During this process, a harmless gas is used to displace ambient oxygen.  This is done to decrease the amount of oxygen inside the package, which will in turn decrease the rate of spoilage, as oxygen is one of the top killers of freshness.

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