Miyazaki Japanese A5 Wagyu Sliced Knuckle Marbling Score 12 - 300g


Miyazaki Wagyu is the most prestigious purebred wagyu brand in the world, revered for its pure lineage and unforgettable flavour. Miyazaki Wagyu is purebred, black Wagyu cattle that is born, raised and fed in the Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan. Renowned for its unrivalled quality, Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu Beef is the ultimate beef experience. We are very proud to offer you this incredibly special beef for a limited time. 

Beautifully prepared by our master butchers, this Knuckle has been expertly sliced at 2mm, to bump up your Hot Pot Kit or Ultimate BBQ Platter options.

Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu Beef is a delicacy with a fine, tender texture and a buttery flavour that lingers on the palate. Miyazaki Wagyu cattle are renowned for producing high marbling, known as ‘sashi’ in Japanese.

The Miyazaki Prefecture, on the southern tip of Japan, is famous for its mild climate and pure spring waters. The farms are located along the coast of the Hyuga-nada Sea, known for the warm Kuroshio Current- which creates a micro-climate of warm, stable weather in the Miyazaki Prefecture perfect for farming wagyu cattle, stress-free.

Japanese Wagyu Beef is graded based on yield (A, B, C) and meat quality (5-1) with A5 indicating the highest class. Established by Japan Meat Grading Association, the grading system evaluates meat quality by marbling, meat colour and brightness, firmness and texture, as well as fat colour and fat quality. The third component of grading Japanese wagyu is by its marbling, scored from BMS 1 to 12.

Miyazaki Wagyu is A5 which is the highest quality grade in Japan. It marbles at a score of 12, the absolute highest in the world.

We recommend enjoying Wagyu Beef as it is prepared in Japan, respecting the traditional art of Japanese cuisine. Wagyu Beef warrants a different treatment from Australian beef. Whether it’s served as a steak, sukiyaki, yakiniku or teppanyaki, Wagyu Beef is best prepared and served in thin slices. 

Shabu shabu Shabu shabu is a Japanese hot pot dish cooked like a soup with sliced meat and vegetables. Raw ingredients are assembled at the table, then submerged briefly in broth by each diner. Cook the thin Wagyu Beef slices individually rather than all at once, enjoying it over the course of the meal much like a fondue. After removing the beef from the pot, dip into sauces like ponzu or sesame sauce.

300g feeds 2 -3 people

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