NOMAD at Home Mortadella Kit


Immerse yourself in the technique of charcuterie making with this fun and playful Mortadella at Home experience put together by the much-loved Surry Hills Restaurant NOMAD and Vic’s Meat. This pack features all the produce you will need to create the infamous NOMAD Pork Mortadella in the comfort of your own home!

From the very first day NOMAD opened, their house-made charcuterie has been a point of pride, celebrating regional produce and the artistry of time-honored charcuterie making. This process collectively brings together our passion for the very best local produce with a commitment to minimal wastage and sustainability.

Certified Free Range Pork mince

Pork back fat 2 ways – Diced and Minced

Spice mixes 1,2 & 3

Wine for cooking

2019 NOMAD Pinot Noir by Gilbert Family 750ml (wine for you to enjoy...) 

Casing, weights, piping bag, twine

NOMAD cooler bag

NOMAD za’atar

Food processor

Meat thermometer (available online)

10L pot

500g ice

Kitchen scales

A strainer

A spatula

Absorbent paper towel

A loaf of beautiful sourdough to enjoy with your mortadella 

NOMAD Head Chef, Sammy will be right there with you the whole way…virtually that is! Included in your kit is a link to the instructional video on how to make your Mortadella at home, as well as a recipe card to keep you on track.

Please note the full Mortadella process takes two days to complete from start to finish - it's well worth it! 

Your mortadella has a shelf life of 5 days once cooked and must be kept refrigerated until ready to eat.

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