Paroo Hand Made Kangaroo Leather Apron


This incredibly beautiful, hand-crafted Kangaroo skin apron is the perfect gift for dad. Just like him, this apron will only get better with age!

Derived from kangaroos harvested using only the most stringent and sustainable practices, this Australian-made apron stands out among the rest. Paroo Premium Kangaoroo leather is sourced from the finest wild game kangaroos found in selected regions across Australia. Notably, nothing goes to waste, as Paroo Kangaroo meat is also featured in some of the most prestigious Australian Restaurants.

Renowned for its exceptional strength and lightweight properties, kangaroo leather isn’t just durable but also incredibly comfortable. Expertly hand-tanned and crafted in South Australia, these Vic's Meat embossed aprons are both light and sturdy, offering the same heat protection as traditional leather products.

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