Shima Fresh Wasabi Stem - 30g


Introducing Shima Fresh Wasabi.

Shima Wasabi is the largest wasabi farm in Australia, located in Tasmania’s temperate northwest. Wasabi is a version of horseradish that originates in Japan and this Tasmanian grown Wasabi is considered to be world class in terms of quality, despite being one of the most difficult plants to cultivate.

Shima wasabi can be used in a variety of ways including as a condiment with steak, sashimi and even used in cocktails (try a Japanese Bloody Mary). Many people believe that wasabi not only has fantastic flavour properties but is also capable of improving your overall inner wellness. Wasabi, believe it or not has stomach-calming properties and is considered anti-bacterial. 

It should be noted that the light green paste nestled next to the pink ginger in your box of sushi, is not true wasabi, but most likely a mix of mustard, European horseradish, and food colouring. In fact, by some estimates, only 5% of the wasabi served in Japanese restaurants around the world comes from the rhizome, or root of wasabi plant.

The heat and flavour of Shima Wasabi is significantly less striking than imitation wasabi, but similarly sharp. Take your fresh wasabi stem and grate in a circular motion using a micro-plane grater. Cover and wait for 3-5 minutes before serving to allow the wasabi flavour to fully develop. Note that after around 30 minutes the heat and flavour will dissipate so only grate the amount that you intend to use.

Storage Conditions:

Keep refrigerated below 5 Degrees Celsius. Once opened wrap in paper towel and store in an air tight container. Consume within three weeks of opening.

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