Trilogy of Tasman Natural Sea Salt Flakes

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Remarkable and uniquely Tasmanian, this set of three flavoured salt mixes are perfect for the food lovers out there. When a product is this good – you may as well get the whole set.

These 100% Natural Tasmanian pure sea salt flakes are very versatile and will add an awesome salty kick to every dish. Add your flavoured salts to rubs and marinades, sprinkle over popcorn or home-made chips for an incredible aroma and taste.

This pack includes Tasman Smoked Salt, Tasman Sea Salt with Pepper Berry and Tasman Sea Salt with Wakame Seaweed.

The seas around Tasmania are some of the cleanest and most nutrient rich waters in the world. Tasman sea salt flakes retain all the trace minerals and nutrients found in these pristine waters, giving it not only its incredible depth of flavour, but also enhancing the health benefits of the salt.

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