Wagyu Beef Skewers - 6 Pieces


In Japanese cuisine "kushiyaki " refers to foods that are skewered and grilled. To facilitate even cooking, the meat is cut into uniform shapes and then placed on skewers, careful to avoid overcrowding. 

The pieces of this gloriously marbled, perfectly portioned wagyu beef are taken from the Tri-Tip. Part of the rump muscle sitting alongside the rostbiff and rump cap. The rump region of beef is renowned for incredible texture and flavour. 

To enjoy the true flavour profile of Wagyu, simply season with salt and cook over charcoal at a steady consistent heat, once cooked and rested dip the grilled marbled beef mouthfuls into the complimentary Yakiniku sauce we have provided.

Yakiniku is a sweet & flavorful Japanese BBQ sauce. The perfect dipping sauce for your highly marbled, juicy wagyu beef. 

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