rich. marbled. luscious.


Achieved over 20 years of collaboration with Wagyu farmers our range includes the much acclaimed David Blackmore Fullblood Wagyu, the award winning Mayura Station Fullblood Wagyu and the new to market and exclusive 2GR Fullblood Wagyu, as well as many Purebred and crossbred products. 

After years of working with both the Japanese government and Japanese Wagyu farmers, Vic's Meat secured permission to import Miyazaki Wagyu and Kobe Wagyu from Japan.  Both of these A5, marble score 11 Wagyu products are exclusive to us. 

Wagyu is a slow game that requires patience and perseverance. We have partnered with farmers who have a long-term commitment to not only nurturing their cattle for the best outcome, but also have an innovative approach to their genetics and farming practices to ensure environmental and product sustainability.  


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