Chicken and leek pie - Vic's Meat

Chicken and leek pie

Our take on a classic chicken and leek pie using the whole bird (no waste!). Beautifully tender chunks of chicken coated in a creamy sauce topped w...

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HAINANESE CHICKEN (missing: SEO, link)


Deeply nourishing and incredibly satisfying, this is food for the soul. Silky poached chicken is served with fragrant, ginger-infused rice and a tr...

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Roast Chicken - Vic's Meat

Roast Chicken

Simon Hopkinson’s delightful book, Roast Chicken and Other Stories, is a treasure trove of words, ideas and recipes for all of his favourite ingred...

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Chicken Schnitzel Sandwiches - Vic's Meat

Chicken Schnitzel Sandwiches

The iconic chicken ‘schnitty’ is an Australian pub staple. There are thousands of variations of a Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich - but sometimes, all y...

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Bang Bang Chicken - Vic's Meat

Bang Bang Chicken

Traditionally this classic Sichuan chicken dish gets its name from the sound of the hammering of the meat after poaching. The process would further...

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Chicken Kyiv - Vic's Meat

Chicken Kyiv

Probably the most famous of all stuffed chicken dishes, chicken Kiev or chicken Kyiv is a classic and old school dish of chicken stuffed with garli...

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