Fullblood Wagyu Eye Fillet Whole Marbling Score 9+ Stone Axe


We are pleased to be able to offer you a limited number of this exceptional Eye Fillet, a cut that is normally always reserved for the most decorated, 3 hat Restaurant. These eye fillets are ultra-tender, super juicy and packed full of pure beefy flavour. 

For the steak lovers who know exactly what they want but need a little help in the kitchen, we are offering you the option to have your Eye Fillet, trimmed, portioned and prepared by our skilled butchers FREE OF CHARGE!

Please reach out to our customer service team if you do not see your preferred option available.

** Please note a Whole Eye Fillet when trimmed and prepared will lose approximately 15% of its initial weight in silverskin & connective tissue. This is considered waste and is disposed of after trimming. 

Stone Axe Fullblood Wagyu breeding herds are dispersed across several breeding farms in New South Wales and Victoria, all of which are managed by Stone Axe’s own staff. Each property is situated 1000m above sea level, resulting in a climate that enhances conditions for the breeding and raising of Fullblood Wagyu.

The cattle can grow and mature to their potential with access to natural shelter, clean fresh air, water and pasture, all in a low stress environment. Every Stone Axe Wagyu animal has its own unique identification tag, allowing for careful monitoring of each animal’s development, and traceability across the whole life of the product.

Drawing on 5 generations of experience, our master butchers are standing by to custom cut your selected Eye Fillet. Your Eye Fillet will be trimmed by removing all Silverskin and connective tissue, they will then expertly prepare this for you to enjoy in 3 parts:

Chateaubriand Roast Hand Tied - cut from the thickest or top end of the muscle, the chateaubriand is a roast-size fillet steak. Decadent, tender and perfect for a special occasion. This roast will feed 4 to 6 people.

Filet Mignon Steaks - The middle of the tenderloin has been portioned into round, equally sized steaks. The filet mignon is an elegant steak with fork-tender texture and mild flavour. You will receive 6 fillet steaks weighing a minimum of 200g each. 

Tail Fillet - the tail of the tenderloin has been prepared into thinly sliced minute steaks for the ultimate steak sandwich. You will receive 2 steaks.

Roast this Tenderloin whole (be sure to fold the narrow tail end up with the rest of the fillet and tie it in place to create an even log to ensure even cooking), or simply portion the fillet to make filet mignon.

This product requires further trimming of the silverskin to guarantee a melt in your mouth experience.

Silverskin is the thin membrane of connective tissue found on various meats, including Eye Fillet or Tenderloin. Unlike other connective tissue – like collagen, which slowly dissolves during the cooking process – silverskin does not break down. When left attached to meat, it will cook up tough and chewy which is why it is essential to cut this membrane away prior to cooking.

Follow these simple tips when removing silverskin:

Always use a sharp knife when trimming meat.

Slip the tip of the knife under the silverskin, working it between the meat and the skin until you can grip a lose flap of skin (use a paper towel to get a better grip).

Continue to run the knife along the meat pulling the silverskin back gradually away from the meat.

Whole Untrimmed - Your product has been vacuum sealed and can be safely stored refrigerated. Each Tenderloin will feed 6-9 people.

Trimmed Portioned - Your product has been packaged using Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).  MAP involves controlling or modifying the atmosphere surrounding a product within a package to provide optimal conditions for increasing shelf life and reducing oxidation and spoilage of perishable foods.

During this process, a harmless gas is used to displace ambient oxygen.  This is done to decrease the amount of oxygen inside the package, which will in turn decrease the rate of spoilage, as oxygen is one of the top killers of freshness.

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