Fullblood Wagyu Bavette D'Aloyau Steak Marbling Score 9+ Stone Axe - 300g


Unearth the hidden treasure of beef cuts with the Bavette D'Aloyau, a name that translates to "sirloin bib" in French due to its distinct resemblance to a bib-shaped section located just below the striploin. While this cut might be largely unknown to many, its exceptional taste and tenderness are about to become your best-kept culinary secret.

But there's more to this exquisite cut when it's sourced from a Stone Axe Fullblood Wagyu carcass. It reaches a level of flavour and quality that few other cuts can even come close to. We've taken the extraordinary and made it even more extraordinary.

To fully appreciate the Bavette D'Aloyau, treat it like any premium grilling steak. Give it a generous seasoning and cook it hot and fast to capture its mouthwatering flavours. But remember, this steak is best enjoyed medium-rare, so be sure to allow it to come to room temperature before cooking. By doing so, you'll experience a true game changer in the world of beef cuts and gain access to one of the butcher's best-kept secrets.

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