Fullbood Wagyu Bresaola Marbling Score 9+ Stone Axe - 100g Sliced


This beautifully marbled Stone Axe Fullblood Wagyu beef has been lovingly cured by the artisans at De Palma Salumi.

This Wagyu Bresaola is a highly marbled, whole muscle cured meat with a luscious silky mouthfeel and exquisite flavour. The cut of meat - topside, is chosen for its snowflake marbling and perfect formation. Slow ageing contributes to the sweet
musky aromas and nutty finish. The bresaola is slow aged for 3 months, the result is a pure and authentic product with a smooth, clean palate, patiently nurtured and slow fermented.

This air dried bresaola is perfect for antipasto platters, or even consumed on its own with a dash of lemon.

In order to maximise the flavour and aroma of any cured product, we suggest you serve the product at room temperature, or about 21ºC.

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