The Ultimate Braising Beef Diced - 500g


 We've taken all the guesswork out - this is the ULTIMATE Braising Meat. 

The Rib Blade Meat is prepared from a portion of the blade or neck region. It is an incredibly tender, juicy and meaty cut. When braised, this cut will deliver big punchy & beefy flavour whilst maintaining a steak-like mouthfeel. 

This is the ULTIMATE cut to use in your next massaman curry, beef bourguignon, Hungarian goulash or pot roast. 

We have cut this Fullblood Wagyu Beef Marbling Score 9+, extra chunky to ensure you get the perfect beef texture once cooked. This will be the most incredible braised meat you will ever eat - no matter what flavours you choose to put alongside it.

For best results, brown the meat for 4-5 minutes and cook low and slow until tender and juicy. We recommend a minimum 2 hour cook time. 

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