our meat

The trusted partnerships we have forged with our farmers, is the foundation of our success. We meticulously select and govern our suppliers, with providence, farming practices, animal and environmental welfare considered as important as the quality and consistency of the product. We value the relationships with our boutique regenerative farmers as highly as we do our large cornerstone producers.


We are proud to be the most respected and significant Wagyu wholesaler in Australia, supplying the most acclaimed brands across Fullblood, Purebred, Crossbred and A5 Japanese Wagyu.


Our grass-fed beef range features Australia’s healthiest, environmentally friendly and ethical products.


Our grain-fed beef range includes products from premium long, mid and short fed farmers. All slow fed to form incredible, consistent marbling (BMS2+ to BMS5+).


Quite simply, our burgers are legendary! Whether it’s our best-selling Black Label Angus Patties, our grass-fed Green Label Patties, our Fullblood Wagyu Patties or our Lamb kofta Patties, our burgers are made fresh daily from only the finest ingredients.


Whether free range, prime or bespoke, Vic's Meat is the only meat wholesaler in Australia who cuts fresh from carcass, every day. A cut above the rest!


From genuine free range to Rare Breed Berkshire breeds we always look to partner with farmers with the highest standards of animal welfare and consistency of quality and supply.


We have been an outspoken advocate for this incredible protein, and we have been fastidious in selecting reputable and trusted veal producers whose commitment to animal husbandry, sustainability and quality reflects our own.


Wild ranging meat needs to be sourced with a deep understanding of our native land and traditions. Vic's Meat partners only with those who harvest with the upmost respect and care.


Whether free range or barn raised, Vic's Meat chickens are free to exhibit their natural behaviours within their flocks. All our chickens are slow grown.


Vic’s Meat has invested decades developing relationships with boutique farmers producing birds of the most unique variety, to give your menu a genuine point of difference.


Dry ageing is a technique as old as the craft of butchery itself. However, in the mid-1900s it became a lost artform, as wet ageing became the industry norm. Vic's Meat was solely responsible for resurrecting dry ageing in Australia, and as a corollary, we are the trusted supplier to Australia’s top chefs and restaurants. Skilfully balancing science and alchemy, we consistently produce the most incredible and fastidiously preserved dry-aged products, across multiple species (beef, lamb, pork and ducks) and durations (10 to 265 days).


Vic's Meat carries the widest range and best quality cured meat in Australia. Our house range is naturally hand crafted and slow fermented for depth of flavour.