Beef Flank Steak Portion Marbling Score 5 + Black Market Rangers Valley - 500g


This Marbling Score 5+ Flank Steak or Bavette from Rangers Valley is located near the abdominals between the brisket and back leg and is revered by chefs and butchers.  

Bursting with BIG BEEFY flavour and incredible Marbling, this is a great cut to barbeque whole and slice at the table. 

It is also the perfect canvas for your favourite marinade. Its rich beefy flavour stands up to strong accents, like the chilli and spices in the classic Mexican fajitas dish.

Rangers Valley is situated in the pristine northern tablelands of NSW. This area enjoys a cool climate that suits high quality beef production by providing a stress-free environment for animals all year round.

Rangers Valley achieve maximum marbling with specialised feed rations to ensure their cattle grow at a slow, natural rate, similar to that of a pasture fed animal. This approach delivers beef products that achieve consistent marbling scores.

Black Market beef has a marble score of 5 and above – which is common in Wagyu beef but something incredibly rare in pure Black Angus beef.

Rangers Valley is one of the world's most respected and premium marbled beef producers. Rangers Valley Black Market Beef is exclusive to Vic's Meat.

Perfect for quick & easy fajitas, steak sandwiches, and the BBQ.

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Product packaged using VSP technology can safely be stored refrigerated and frozen.

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