Fullblood Wagyu Intercostal Skewers BMS 9+ Stone Axe - 6 pieces


The king of Wagyu skewers. Intercostal meat is the sweet, rich, fatty, and delicious muscle that lies between each of the ribs. When taken from Wagyu cattle they are heavily and finely marbled, and with enough connective tissue to remind you what teeth are actually for but without ever having to use the "t" word (rhymes with rough)! 

There are few cuts on the carcass that have the qualities of the intercostal. In western butchery, the best these pieces could hope for is to become a part of the myriad of so-called lesser cuts that make up burgers, mince, and the like.

As with so many diamonds in the rough, we can thank Japanese and Korean cuisine more than any others for shining a light on this delicacy. Produced by our in-house team of talented butchers these are really something to write home about. It's another one of those "if you know, you know" things!

For best results cook over charcoal slowly, turning often until cooked to medium and enjoy simply with your favourite sweet or acidic dipping sauce. 

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