Horseradish Dijon Mustard Edmond Fallot - 210g


Since 1840 the Fallot Mustard Mill has been family-owned and is the last independent family mill in Burgundy, France. Edmond Fallot mustard is renowned all over the world. The mustard seeds, mixed with verjuice extracted from Burgundy grapes, are hand ground using sliex grindstones that give the mustard its distinct texture and flavour.

This smooth, creamy dijon mustard has been blended with horseradish - the sharp pungent root of the horseradish plant. This unique combination of biting heat and whiff of pungency takes mustard to the next level.

Horseradish with beef helps keep each bite interesting as the palate craves contrast.  Serve alongside a generous portion of beef scotch or rib eye, add a spicey edge to your next potato salad, and if your game - add to your next Bloody Mary cocktail mix.

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