Joseph EVOO First Run 2024 - 750ml


Once a year, for a limited time...

The Joseph First Run has been made using a small batch of greener olives picked at the very beginning of the harvest. This low-yield crop is cold pressed and bottled immediately to capture the most intense characters of the new season.

The result is something to behold: a pristine oil with concentrated green banana and cut grass aromas; its crisp, fruit-driven flavours are followed by a clean peppery finish. 

The JOSEPH First Run is a seasonal release that is best enjoyed at peak freshness. Do not miss this chance to taste the oil at its most flavoursome!

Since 1989 Primo Estate winemaker and olive oil blender Joe Grilli has been setting the standard for Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This oil is crafted using fruit pressed at low temperatures to ensure purity of flavour, freshness, and balance.

This is a textured oil with fragrant notes of green banana, zesty citrus fruits and freshly cut grass.

Harvest June 2024 Varieties Frantoio, Leccino

Bottled June 2024 Blenders Joe Grilli, Tom Garrett, Matteo Grilli 

Best Enjoyed peak freshness before July 2025

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