Pork Rack Roast Rind On Kurobuta Fullblood Berkshire - 1.2kg


This exclusive pork product is available in limited numbers only.

Kurobuta pork is one of the most highly prized pork products available in this country. It comes from the ancient breed of pig known as Black Berkshire, one of the oldest breeds known to exist. Kurobuta Pork is raised in the mild climate of Broken Head NSW (near to Byron Bay), where the pigs have a low-stress lifestyle. The pigs are raised in eco-pens and are fed a blend of wholesome wheat, barley, sorghum, and macadamia nut. 

Pink-hued and heavily marbled, this pork has a sweet, rich flavour. Kurobuta pork is incredibly tender and juicy, making this distinct pork variety worthy of its prestigious reputation. This cut has got it all. The bone and fat layer provide incredible flavour; the meat is tender; and there is plenty of delicious skin for crackling. Pork Rack makes the perfect pork roast.

Whole pigs are received and processed in-house weekly. This product is restocked at the end of each week after the pigs have been processed. None available now? Check back soon!

Feeds 5 people.

* You may notice strands of ubiquitous black hair on the skin of this Pork cut.  Please note this is a natural trait exhibited on this special breed of pork and authenticates that you are eating true, Rare Breed Berkshire Pork. The hair should disappear when charred during the cooking process. 

Photography by Alan Benson from MEAT The Ultimate Companion. Published by Murdoch Books 2019.

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