Lamb Rack 8-Rib Cap Off Frenched Gundagai Lamb GLQ 5+


Lamb rack is cut from the Rib primal and are perfect for roasting whole or slicing into individual lamb cutlets and the all-important kid-friendly lamb lollipops! 

This lamb rack is from Gundagai Lamb, located on the eastern slopes of New South Wales. The warm temperate climate creates the perfect conditions for raising lambs, with endless  lush pastures and fresh country air for lambs to roam in freely.

Each lamb is graded on the perfect balance of intramuscular fat and tender lean meat, this is measured by the GLQ score. GLQ SCORE 5+ equivalates to  the delicious marbling throughout the cut and higher lean meat yield.

Grown on the clean fertile and unspoiled pastures of South Australia, these beautifully prepared Racks will be one of the most tender and flavoursome Lamb you will ever try.

Your product has been vacuum sealed and can be safely stored refrigerated.

Allow three or four ribs per person.

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