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Oscietra caviar has historically been considered one of the most sought-after foods in the world. Precious and valuable, many consider this to be the most refined caviar.  ARS Italica fresh caviar is prepared from the roe of the pure Russian Sturgeon.

Only the largest roe are selected for this elegant caviar. This incredible product has a subtle flavour with fruit and nut qualities. The pearls are dark brown and black in colour. 

This beautiful caviar is best served on its own or with traditional accouterments such as blini & Crème Fraîche.

ARS Italica's farm is located in the north of Italy near Lake Maggione in the Ticino Park and has been harvesting Caviar for over 25 years. Sturgeons are bred in fresh water basins in a natural environment (outdoor spring water source, over four seasons, with no recirculation of water). Rigorous and traditional techniques are used to transform the precious roe from the pure Russian sturgeon to deliver an environmentally-friendly and luxurious experience.

Caviar must be stored in the coolest section of your refrigerator, preferably on ice until ready to serve. We recommend that you purchase the right amount of Caviar required for each Caviar service, as once the Caviar tin is opened it should be consumed and enjoyed immediately.

For a 2 person serving we recommend a 30g tin

For a 3 - 4 person serving we recommend a 50g tin

For 4 people up to 8 people we recommend the 125g tin  

Moderate hint of hazelnut and butter, pure, lightly salted, rich and deep.

This product is packed in a vacuum sealed tin.

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