Wagyu Spinalis Dorsi Steak Marbling Score 9+ Stone Axe Full Blood Wagyu - 220g


One of the sweetest, softest and most luxurious muscles on any carcass - the Spinalis Dorsi. This glorious cut sits above the Longissimus muscle which together creates the scotch fillet.

These two muscles are rarely, if ever separated, except by the die-hard butcher and cook who understands the hidden power of the Spinalis Dorsi. Taken from any carcass this cut is on another level. Taken from a Stone Axe Full Blood Wagyu carcass is on a level no other cut can ever hope to aspire to.

This muscle has selfishly taken all the best attributes of the Bavette D'Alayou, Onglet and the Flat Iron and made them into quite possibly the rarest and most incredible pieces of meat your grill is likely to see.

Treat as any of the skirt steaks with a heavy season and hard and fast cook. Be sure to bring this steak to room temperature prior to cooking as this steak needs to be cooked and eaten medium rare at most. This will be a game changer, this is truly a butcher's secret.

You will receive 2 pieces at 110g each. The perfect size for a single portion of such a rich, decadent and luxurious steak. 

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