Lamb Rump Skewers Free Range Marinated Greek style - 100g x 6 Pieces


Aussies may love their lamb, but the Greek's are famous for it.  We have expertly prepared free-range Australian Lamb rump, marinated the meat in classic Greek-inspired flavours of olive oil, rosemary, and fresh lemon, and skewered these for your convenience. 

The rump cap provides the perfect little protective layer of fat to help lock in the juices while BBQ'ing these beauties.  It's juicy, tender, and jam-packed with flavour.

Vic’s Meat is one of the very few remaining meat processors and butchers in Australia that continue to bring Whole Carcasses in. Over the past 24 years we have built a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise in Carcass breakdown and management. 

Having this knowledge allows us to creatively explore undervalued cuts and provide you with a range of innovative and exciting culinary experiences. We source our pastured lamb predominately from the Riverina area of New South Wales, which is prized for its fertile and unspoiled pastures.

This product has been packaged using Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).  MAP involves controlling or modifying the atmosphere surrounding a product within a package to provide optimal conditions for increasing shelf life and reducing oxidation and spoilage of perishable foods.

During this process, a harmless gas is used to displace ambient oxygen.  This is done to decrease the amount of oxygen inside the package, which will in turn decrease the rate of spoilage, as oxygen is one of the top killers of freshness.

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