Beef Rump Cap Premium Grass Fed Angus O'Connor

  • Perfect For Roasting
  • Slicable Into Different Portion Sizes

This highly revered Rump Cap from premium Angus Beef produces O'Connor is incredibly underrated. It has a thick cap of fat that runs across the top of the beef. This fat protects the beef during cooking and adds a rich depth of flavour.  

This cut is particularly favoured in Brazil, where it is known as picanha. It is a lovely size to roast, the fat layer basting it as it cooks, or can be portioned into steaks. This is Anthony's go-to cut for slicing thick and threading on a skewer for souvla or churrasco.  This is your NUMBER 1 cut for cooking over coals.

O’Connor Beef produce some of Australia’s best grass fed beef.  O’Connor Premium beef is highly marbled, pasture raised beef graded for excellent meat colour and fat colour, achieving a Marbling Score of 2 to upwards of 4.

Whilst not the most tender cut of the animal, rump certainly makes up for it in big and bolder flavour.

From the pristine Gippsland region of Southeast Victoria, the O'Connor family has been supplying premium Beef for over three generations.  With abundant, nutrient rich pastures cattle graze on natural clover and rye grass.

All O’Connor beef is sourced from selected British bred cattle (Black Angus & Hereford) and is certified “Natural” under the AQIS approved O’Connor Natural Beef Program. O'Connor Superior Beef has been graded for its incredible meat and fat colour. 

Here are three different ways to prep and cook your picanha:

  • Cook it whole indirectly away from the heat source, usually with a direct sear either before or after.
  • Cutting it into 2 to 2.5 cm thick steaks and cook as you would a normal steak.
  • Cut into thick 4 to 5 cm pieces, then skewer it onto a rotisserie attachment and have it baste in its own juices as it turns over and over.  Do not trim the fat cap as the fat will start to render during the cook, with those beefy fat juices slowly basting the picanha throughout the entire cook. 

Your product has been vacuum sealed and can be safely stored refrigerated for up to 21 days prior to freezing.

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