NSW Eastern Rock Lobster Raw - 900g


Eastern Rock Lobster is a genuine luxury. Caught along Australia's east coast of New South Wales, these Lobsters have a sweet, rich and delicious umami character. 

Easter Rock Lobsters at around 900g are the sweetest lobsters you can eat in Australia. These beautiful Lobsters have been cut in half, ready for BBQ or simply thrown into the oven.

Each Lobster will weigh between 900 - 1.1 kilo.

  • All our seafood is sourced from accredited, reputable and sustainable fisheries
  • This product is 100% Australian
  • All portions are cut from the mid-loin of the fish to ensure thick, even and consistently sized portions
  • All portions are cut DRY without the use of freshwater which dilutes the natural flavour of the fish 
  • The product has been expertly sourced, cut and packaged

Martin's Seafood was established in 1978 and has been supplying premium and ethically sourced seafood to Australia's most respected restaurants. Working with boutique and specialist fisherman and selected producers, Martin's Seafood has built a reputation on integrity and transparency in the premium seafood realm.

Roast your Lobster in the oven, flesh side up, dressed with Victor Churchill Café de Paris butter. 

Contains Crustacean

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