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Whether you’re ordering Australia’s only truly wild-reared Maremma Duck, or the first and only pastured quail and quail eggs in the world by Eugowra Game Birds, poussin, open range pheasants, or U Goose Geese and much more, the Vic's Meat poultry range is farmed by experienced farmers who care for their birds; rain, hail or shine.

We’ve spent over 2 decades searching Australia for farmers who produce birds of the most unusual variety, usually in small numbers, to give your menu a point of difference.  We are the only meat supplier in Australia carrying such a broad range and quality level within our poultry.


4-10 Merchant Street
Mascot, NSW 2020

T: +61 2 9317 6900

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Unit 2, 3-5 Weddel Court

Laverton North, VIC 3026

T: +61 3 9368 9368

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