Stone Axe Fullblood Wagyu

In the early 1990s, entrepreneur Chris Walker (father of Stone Axe Co-founder Mathew Walker) was convinced of the potential future of Full Blood Japanese Black Wagyu in Australia. As there was no protocol between Japan and Australia to import cattle directly, Chris went about the long and difficult process of bringing these prized genetics into Australia via the USA.

With utmost conviction, 84 Female and 3 Male registered Full Blood Japanese Black Wagyu breeding cattle were exported to the US. After several years of breeding there, Chris was able to export 40 female breeders from his herd in the US to Tarana NSW, along with 9 young bulls that were sons of the herd’s 3 prized registered Full Blood Japanese Black Wagyu Sires.

Today these origins are contained in the Stone Axe herd that numbers in the thousands and spans several farms across the high country of New South Wales and Victoria. And to this day, the herd maintains 100% Full Blood Japanese Black Wagyu genetics, resulting in beef of the highest possible quality - the definitive taste of Australian Full Blood Wagyu.